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Up to 80% of the work in a regular Google Ads account is a lengthy, repetitive activity that you can handle with a single click with our software. Whether you are a digital agency, PPC freelancer, or manage your campaigns in your Google Ads account on your own, Managino is for everyone who wants to make their work easier and save time!

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Discover the power of intelligence based on 10+ years of experience of performance marketing experts

How Managino works

If imagine Managino as personal fitness trainer your the Google Ads account who wants to build muscle (conversions) and lose fat (cost per conversion), that Managino will come to your account every day, see what it looks like on given day (download current statistics), whether is losing weight or gaining weight, whether he is growing or not, and based is being fed their right food to lose weight (cost optimization) and that same time prescribed their exact number of muscle growth exercises (increasing sales).

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What to expect from Managino?

  • Improve conversion rate by 20-100%
  • ROI improvement from 500% to 1,000-2,000%
  • Increase conversions by 20-100%
  • Reduce cost-per-click by 20-100%
  • 20-100% improvement in CTR

What not to expect from Managino?

  • 1,000% improvement in conversion rate
  • ROI improvement from 500% to 10,000%
  • Increase conversions by 1,000 per day
  • 1,000% cost-per-click reduction
  • 1,000% improvement in CTR
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*All results need time. If your results are imaginary level of 1 month to years, it will also take several months for Manager to reach the desired state and improve the results of his campaigns to level 10. The system is built to continuously improve the current state of Google ads campaigns.