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Discover the power of the most effective way of Google Ads! 80% of the work in a regular Google Ads account is tedious, repetitive activities that you can handle with one click thanks to our software! Doesn’t matter if you are a digital agency, PPC freelancer or you manage your campaigns on your own in Google Ads account. Managino is for everyone who wants to make work easier and save time!

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Discover the power of intelligence based on the 10+ years of experience of performance marketing experts

Introducing 4 unique Managino packages created just for you! Whatever your business, you will find what you are looking for.


Don’t measure conversions or revenue? Is your website focused mainly on traffic? The Contractor is made for you! (e.g. Presentation Website)


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Do you measure conversions, but you don’t own an e-shop? Conversions don’t have direct value for you? Then the Entrepreneur package is what you are looking for! (e.g. Web site with contact form)


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Is your online business based on direct sales? Great, Businessman is best option for you! (e.g. E-shop)


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Don’t want to be limited by those who search for your services? No problem, just order Oracle and streamline every content campaign!


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You will automatically get a free report after the first month in each Managino package. Everything you need to evaluate your campaign will be clear and transparent in the report. Samples of reports can be found here: link

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